13.01.2018 – 16.01.2018

Arrived in Antigua after a long ride due to traffic jam in Guatemala City, I checked in in Hostal Matox. The private shuttle from my hostel ind Guatemala City to my new hostal was 80Q.

Matox, an awesome hotel everything what a traveler needs. Good beds, stable wifi, books for reading, big kitchen and even a whirlpool!!! They even had bike for free rent! Unfortunately I had to change hostel because I just booked one night and the hostel was full for the other days. So therefore I change to three monkey also a great hostel, just the whirlpool was missing. 🙂

Anyway during my stay I visited the different sites. Different churches, Chocolate museum, central park and the best was the mirador de la cruz. Next destination Panajachel.

Highlights and Recommendations:

  • Mirador del Cerro de la Cruz (go there between 8:00 and 15:00, tourist police is there for security)
  • Eat at the farm Caoba (see the picture, Pizza)
  • for a good salad go to Luna del Miel
  • Central park
  • Chocolate museum (there are two)
  • Santo Domingo
  • Fridas, mexican restaurant, monday and thursday 2×1 cocktail
  • Or even a volcano hike


Flight Statistics 2017


Short trips:

ZRH <-> Hamburg = 2 x 695.26 = 1’390.52 km, 142.81 CHF

ZRH -> Copenhagen -> Munich -> ZRH = 954 + 841 + 243 = 2’038 km, 210.45 CHF

Spent Sub = CHF 353.26.-
Subtotal = 3’428.52 km
Subtotal = 2’130.39 miles


Long Trips:

ZRH <-> Frankfurt = 2 x 295 = 590 km, 58.90 CHF

Frankfurt <-> Seoul = 2 x 8549.27 = 17’098.54 km
Seoul <-> Saipan = 2 x 3100.03 = 6’200.06 km
Total 23’298.6 km, 549.72 CHF

Saipan <-> Guam = 2 x 218.60 = 437.20 km, 292.50 CHF

Spent Sub = CHF 901.12.-
Subtotal = 24’325.80 km
Subtotal = 15’115.39 miles

The Grand Path 2017

ZRH -> Moscow -> Havana = 2’195.2 km + 9’588.8 km = 11’784 km, 422.45 CHF

Havana -> Mexico = 1’182.52 km, 210 CHF

Mexico -> Puerto Vallarta, 651.26 km, 63.46 CHF

Mexico -> Monterrey, 701.17 km, 57.23 CHF

Mexico <-> Cancun, 2 x 1’291.61 km = 2’583.22 km, 129.13 CHF

Mexico <-> Oaxaca, 2 x 383.76 km = 767.52 km, 113.73 CHF

Nuevo Laredo -> Mexico -> Guatemala
Panama City -> Mexico, total = 4’363.62 km, 150 CHF

The Grandpath 2017 Spent = CHF 1’146.00.-
Subtotal = 22’633.31 km
Subtotal = 14’063.72 miles


Total Spent = CHF 2’400.38.-
Total km 2017 = 50’387.63 km
Total miles 2017 = 31’309.50 miles

Average per mile = 0.077 CHF/mile



Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido

27.12.2017 – 09.01.2018

I arrived at the airport of Oaxaca and took a taxi (1 km away from the airport) to my hostel. It was 120 pesos (no Uber in Oaxaca). Of course I could have taken a colectivo for 80 pesos but there were like 50 people waiting for a ticket and I was really tired. I stayed at the hostal central was good for the time there and the owner is really gentle.

Some days later I took the over night bus (ADO 450 pesos) to Puerto Escondido (23:00 – 09:00)

I enjoyed many days in Puerto Escondido, even during the New Year was staying in Puerto Escondido. I slept in the Hostal Shalom, really awesome, there was a swimming pool, enough place to relax, and even hammocks. Hey Martin, let me know how the bbq looks like and if the pizza oven works!!! The people at Hostal Shalom were relaxed and cool. Thanks Lalo, the chilangos, Michele y Leonardo for the great time!


And of course tahnk you Martin for the bbq discussion and your awesome big ass fucking meat on my last day!!!

In Puerto Escondido I had my favourite places in PE:

  • Pizzaria Mediterraneo
  • Playa Carrizalillo
  • Hostal Shalom
  • El Sultan for the shawarma and kebab
  • Cafecito (scrambled egg with bacon or vegetarian omelette)

From Cafecito I have mixed feelings. When I first wanted to eat there, there were like 40 people waiting to get seated. So I thought this must be good. So the next day I went really early for my breakfast. Unfortunately the French toast and the chocolate bread were let’s say 5 out of 10. Next day I gave it another go and ordered a vegetarian omelette, which was 8/10, with a banana milk, hhhhmmmm delicious.

After many nights in Puerto Escondido I wanted to go to Mazunte but there were no hostels available, therefore I stayed longer in Puerto Escondido and around the 7th January I took a bus back to Oaxaca (Sur 250 pesos, no toilet).

Back in Oaxaca I missed the opportunity to visit the ruins, I had to finish some private things and I found out the last collective leaves around 13:00 to the ruins and you need around 2-3h at the ruins. I finished my things around 14:30, hahaha.

I also could have visited the waterfalls but I have seen so many waterfalls on my journey I decided to relax and learn something new with Youtube.




  • El Sultan for kebab or shawarma
  • Pizzaria Mediterraneo
  • Playa Carrizalillo
  • Hostal Shalom
  • Cafecito for egg or omelettes or the banana milk
  • Playa Zicatela was not that nice but the bar in the night were awesome




Quintana Roo 2

13.12.2017 – 20.12.2017

Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Akumal, Tulum, Xcaret, Bacalar, Chetumal and Cancun

Our first stop was in Puerto Morelos, amazing lovely city/village!!! You could make some snorkel trips there for around 350 pesos / 20 dollars (see image). Awesome view and the beach is just breath-taking…

After some sun we went to our accommodation in Playa del Carmen, where we enjoyed the night life. Try out an Ice Cream at Amorino (Calle Quinta). We met the Swiss gang again and we went to different bars right next to the beach. For the finishing we went to a club called Abolengo bartina (no cover) where we enjoyed the night with Vodka!

After a hard night, it was the day of Cozumel. The ferry was 135 pesos each way, check the internet for the schedule so you can optimize the time on the island. On the island we rented a scooter for about 20 dollar a day. For us it was a quick visit on the island. But I heard snorkeling or diving is beautiful there. Next time on the island I will have a look on that!!!

Days were running by and before we arrived in Tulum, we stopped quickly in Akumal. In Akumal we attend a snorkeling tour where we saw big turtles, rays and other fishes.

After a small siesta we headed to Tulum, where I ate one of the best fish in my life (EL Camello)!!! At night we accidentally crashed a wedding… hahaha congratulations to the lucky ones and enjoyed a Caguama (big bottle of beer) in a funny bar.

Xcaret Park, it was time!!! Xcaret Park is a privately owned and operated theme park, resort and self-described ecotourism development located in the Riviera Maya, a portion of the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s state of Quintana Roo. Despite the heavy rain in the morning the day was awesome. With the rise of the sun and the different activities (river and secret cave attraction!!!) the day was awesome!!!!!

A must is the show in the evening from 19:00 to 21:00. They show the diverse culture from Mexico and even play ancient football and fire hockey. It was really entertaining to watch!!! I have to go again to Xcaret, next time without heavy rain.



Before we left Tulum we had a look at the ruins and we also went to the playa! After a short swim we headed to Bacalar.


What can I write about Bacalar? Hm, lovely quite village, good for relaxing, no night life at all, perfect to recharge your battery. My recommendations in Bacalar are following:

  • Pizzeria Bertilla add some artisanal beer (like the calavera)
  • Sailing trip on the lagoon (reservation Casa Lahar)
  • Canal de los Pirates
  • Isla de los Pajaros
  • Cenote Negro
  • Eat Marquesitas with nutella
  • Eat in El manati for breakfast

We still had some time, so we went quickly to Chetumal. Cannot write anything about the city, nothing really special, but yeah we were there.

It was already time to go back to Cancun. For entertainment during night time we went to the hotel zone in Cancun. For drinks and a good view go to Chuchito Pérez, that night when we were there, was special deal: 2 for 1 per person, amazing. Yes you can imagine two big fancy cocktails per person. After that, we wanted to enter some clubs, one was really special and also had no cover but we left after 10 seconds due to the crazy girls inside. The other clubs were empty or expensive and empty. Therefore around 1 or 2 am we called it a day and went back to our accommodation.

The rest of the time we spent at the beach (Playa Delfines). There is free parking and the beach is amazing!!! For breakfast we went to la Organica, look at the food, delicious!!!

It was time to give my Ferrari back, pack our stuff and take the plane back to CDMX.


  • Puerto Morelos next time I will spend a night there
  • Ice Cream at Amorino (Playa del Carmen)
  • Enjoy a cocktail at Abolengo bartina (Playa del Carmen)
  • Cozumel, rent a scooter, dive or snorkel
  • Xcaret (safe the braclet for the tower in Cancun)
  • Tulum ruins and the beach
  • El Camello (Tulum) try the fried fish or ceviche (really big)
  • Bacalar
    • Marquesitas
    • Pizzeria Bertilla
    • El manati
    • Sailing trip in the lagoon (reservation Casa Lahar)
  • Chuchito Pérez (Cancun)
  • Playa Delfines
  • Eat at la Organica




Quintana Roo Part 1

06.12.2017 – 13.12.2017

Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Ik Kil, Ek Balam, Coba, Choo-Ha, Dos Ojos and Holbox

Arrived by plane in Cancun I went to americancarrentals to obtain my Ferrari (Chevrolet Matiz) and later I was already on the way to Valladolid. On the way I had to fill up my tank during the procedure the personnel wanted to scam me with the money I gave him. I gave him 2 x 200 pesos and 1 x 100 pesos bills. Just after one second I looked away the guy changed a 200 bill to a 50 bill and told me it is not enough…… Anyway be careful with the money in Quintana Roo, touristic zone!!! Highway toll was 285 pesos from Cancun to Valladolid.

Late in the night, I arrived in Valladolid where I stayed a Hostal Yoko. Due to the tight plan, I got myself a private room, so there is no influence from other travellers.

For dinner I went to the restaurant Selva, which is located a little in the north (still walkable). Awesome food!!! Try out the Panuchos and the Chalupas, for drinking order a Chuya juice, a big one!!! You will love it!!!

The next day I took the highway from Valladolid to Chichén Itzá and the toll was 70 pesos. Due to time constraints I took the first available package with included the pyramids and the Cenote Ik Kil. The price was 482 pesos roughly 29 dollars. For 10 ollars more you could get a buffet nearby the pyramids. A guide in Spanish costs 800 pesos and in any other foreign language 900 pesos. As far as I remember the cenote alone cost 80 pesos and you can buy the ticket there right before the entrance of the cenote.

Let the picture speak for them. If you love souvenirs take enough money with you, there are a plenty of souvenir stands.


Next stop Ek Balam in the north of Valladolid. I totally recommend it due to the fact that you can still climb the pyramid (2017). Try out the pineapple ice-cream, which they sell if front of the entrance (30 pesos). The pyramid cost 197 pesos and the Cenote nearby 50 pesos. The view from the pyramid was incredible.

Time flew by before I left Valladolid behind I visited the local market for some breakfast and good memories.


Next point in my schedule was the pyramids of Coba (between Valladolid and Tulum. Entry fee was 70 pesos (8:00 to 16:30), 225 pesos (16:30 to 19:00). Parking was around 50 pesos cannot recall the exact number. Also there I rented a bike to get around in the archaeological zone was around 60 pesos. That was sooooooo fun!!!

Next stop the cenote Choo Ha nearby. I got there around 10:00 in the morning. I was the first to arrive there, peaceful and no tourists and the water was flat like a mirror!!! I think it was around 70 pesos. There are two other cenotes nearby but I had enough from cenotes. 😀


Back in the car I drove to Cenote Dos Ojos near Tulum, where I bought myself the premium package for 600 pesos. The package included the two cenotes and the bat cave, also included was the snorkeling gear, parking and the guide. Fully recommend it but next time I will dive there for sure!!!!

A short and lovely night in Playa del Carmen, decided to sleep there due to the location, it is in the middle between Tulum and Holbox, which was my next destination.

Arrived in Chiquila I looked for a parking, there were plenty of it. Roughly 40 pesos per day. With my jacket on, it was really windy and cold, I went to the pier, where I bought my ferry ticket to the island. There are two companies both have the same price but different schedules. 145 pesos was one single ticket, pay buy cash, heard about some double booking of credit cards.

Arrived on the island I walked to my hostal Tribu, which was awesome. Wifi sucked but the people and the accommodation as awesome. Even the kitchen was big enough for 10 people cooking at the same time!!! Holbox can be really nice but not during my stay (December) it was so cold, windy and sometimes rainy!!! Day activities were skitesurfing, bicycle ride or some boat trips. During my stay there the weather was so rubbish, just 1 day sunny enough for a swim in the sea… Before you book Holbox check the season and the weather. Anyway what I recommend is the bar Hot Corner where you can enjoy live music. I met some lovely guys in the hostel!!! Swiss guys from Bern the capital city!!! Hello there :D.

It was time to pick up my good friend at the airport in Cancun!!!


  • Chichen Itza
  • Souvenir shopping
  • Ik Kil cenote (80 pesos)
  • Hostal Yoko
  • Restaurant Selva in Valladolid
  • Local market in Valladolid
  • Ek Balam (197 pesos) with pineapple ice cream (30 pesos)
  • Coba pyramids with a bike (70 + 60 pesos)
  • Choo-Ha Cenote (70 pesos)
  • Dos Ojos (premium 600 pesos, snorkelling the two cenote plus bat cave)
  • Holbox during nice season
  • Hot corner on Holbox
  • Rent a bike on the island
  • Walk to the Punta Cocos and the turtle beach

Habana 20.8 – 24.8

Habana, last days!!!

The last days in Habana I spent for enjoying the night out and for relaxing!!! The night out I spent with Baldo, Freddy and Carla. We went to different locations. One was the king bar which was pretty awesome but a beer for 2.5 was quite expensive. Hahaha. Also I went to a couchsurfing event the last Saturday where we had nice conversations and good laughs. One of the last evening I went to the Castillo on the other “side of the sea”. The entry was 8 CUC and the taxi 4 cuc for each ride. The ceremony was awesome around 19:00 (or 20:00) the people there shot the canon and also a small company of military people do their show!!! I went another time to la fabrica de la Cuban arte!!!

I also had a very good pizza. As far as I can remember the restaurant was located at Avenida de Belgica near street Brasil or Calle Lamparilla.

That is the very last part of Havana!!! 😉

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